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Liane Edwards-Christian Seguret

Voted BEST SONGWRITER 2017 in the French Highway Country Awards!

"It's this variety that makes Raisin' Dust one of 2017's most formidable releases in the country genre." Scott Wigley -GASHOUSE RADIO

"This seasoned road performer cuts spectacularly live vocals on recordings and has a sure instinct for knowing what exactly will get over with listeners." Lydia Hillenburg - VENTS MAGAZINE

"Liane Edwards has hit another home run with Raisin' Dust and conclusively proves she's far from being mired in creative dead ends." Dale Butcher- BAND BLURB

"It's a powerful album from beginning to end and there isn't a single discernible lull in its running order. It's a great success that amply illustrates how far away Liane Edwards is from the finishing end. " David Shouse -INDIE MUSIC REVIEW

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